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What is RentFolio?

RentFolio is made by property professionals for property professionals. We were fed up with all the software providers charging way too much for bloatware that was hard to use or asking us to shell out loads for servers and other hardware from day one.

We knew there had to be a better way and so RentFolio was born. We decided to build a web based solution to cut the set up time and give a more robust solution to each and every user. The web allows us to work online and with a growing team and multiple offices this is perfect.

You can keep an eye on your staff, make sure they’re on top of their tasks and ensure that your business is running as it should be. We’ve included accounting tools to help you generate reports and make sure you can plan for the future, spot any gaps in your business and ultimately provide the best service to your clients. After all, it’s that word of mouth recommendation from them that will see your business grow.

We built the tool that we wanted to use for our business and we hope you enjoy using our software as much as we enjoyed making it.